Definitions for "GPS Receiver"
a handheld or mountable device, which can be secured to an automobile, boat, airplane, farm and construction equipment, or a computer
an important add-on for getting directions en route, whether it is built-in as in the Garmin iQue Palm-powered handheld, or connected to a handheld via cable or Bluetooth
a very usefull piece of equipment (especially for an outdoor photographer)
A piece of electronic equipment which receives information from satellites and uses it to work out your position on a map.
a marine electronic device that will provide your exact position and help you navigate to your destination
a piece of hardware capable of calculate the position using the signals received from at least three satellites of the GPS network
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a handy thing to have, but given the expense, I'll show you the frugal way
a unit that computes your location using triangulation techniques
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a highly useful tool when there are no road signs
a valuable tool that can help you find where you are regardless of weather conditions or visibility
a RECEIVER of radio signals and it does not transmit anything to anywhere
a specialized radio receiver