Definitions for "Co-location"
Network Operations Centers offer the opportunity for customers to place their website hosting servers and other network equipment in their NOC which are connected via high speed fiber data lines to the backbone of the Internet. Administration is done remotely so that a customer far away can configure and control their network equipment, web servers.
When co-locating, you, the customer, buys or ships your hardware to the ISP's location. This allows you to pay for rackspace (physical space rental per month), and bandwidth (network throughput) per month. The alternative to co-location is server rental.
Where an organisation chooses to locate Internet facing equipment within their service providers facilities, Co-located equipment has the advantage of being able to use local services such as redundant power, high bandwidth and climate controlled conditions.
Ability of multiple satellites to share the same approximate geo stationary orbital assignment frequently because different frequency bands are used.
Ability of multiple satellites to share the same geostationary orbital position due to the fact that different frequency bands or coverages are used.
Placement of more than one satellite at the same orbital location. From the ground, they appear as one satellite that can receive with a single antenna, provided they use the same frequency band.
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To place coaxially oriented components such as in a VOR and a T ACAN one above the other or a VOR/DME combination.
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This is the process of putting your own machine on our network. You manage the machine yourself, everything from the hardware and the software but you are renting space from us.
The renting of space for housing computer equipment, usually in specially designed buildings (sometimes called telehouses or carrier hotels). The space is often shared with other tenants, hence the term.
use of an existing site owned by another service provider for the purpose of facilitating network build out.
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The ability for other operators to install equipment in BT's local exchanges in order to supply services over the local loop.
The term for hosting an external machine on a network. For instance hosting your PC on our network in Canada.
hosting information over multiple sites