Definitions for "iPP "
iPP is a platform independent pre-processor written entirely in Java for creating scalable enterprise solutions. iPP focuses on the needs of Web site developers and software developers which have to deploy their applications on multiple platforms. Using iPP developers can easily create and maintain platform-specific versions of Web pages and source files from common templates.
A company other than a utility that generates power. As deregulation progresses, all utilities will be forced by law to sell or transfer their power plants to unregulated IPPs, many of these will end up being an affiliate of the utility.
Independent power producer. A private entity that generates electricity and sells it to other businesses including utilities.
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Internet Presence Provider -- A gateway to the world wide web providing dedicated servers hosting information that makes up the internet. Commonly a storage utility for individual web sites.
A company or organization which provides "storage space" on the Internet for their customers' information, usually for a fee. See also ISP.
A business that provides consulting, software development, and web site design services that give your company a presence on the Internet.
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Instituut voor Publiek en Politiek
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Acronym for on ropulsion ackage.
Integrated Programme Plan
Integrated Program Plan. FAST
Individual Pension Plan. A defined benefit pension plan, typically for just one employee. It provides senior executives and owners of incorporated businesses with the opportunity to achieve maximum tax relief combined with maximum retirement pension.
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Ionospheric Pierece Point “d—£‘wŠÑ'Ê“_
Information privacy principles; the practical core of the Information Privacy Act 2000(Vic.) With limited exemptions, all Victorian Government agencies, statutory bodies and local councils must comply with the IPPs
Information Privacy Principle
Institute of Psychology & Parapsychology)
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Interest Project Patches. Emblems which may be earned by Girl Scouts ages 11-17 by completing a specific number of requirements in a specific area of interest.
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see Indefinitely Postpone.
Indigenous Partnerships Program
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Immediate Past President
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Initial Project Proposal
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91k 256k Up to size of print file Low
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Income Payment Protection