Definitions for "Emblems"
Those individuals who were Mentioned in Despatches were given an Oak Leaf Emblem to denote such an award. If the Emblem were awarded for service in the First World War, it would be worn on the Victory Medal ribbon.
Small metal insignia awarded for specific acts of gallantry or bravery worn on the ribbon of the most appropriate medal or directly on the jacket breast if no medals are held. e.g. Mention in Despatches (MID) is in the form of a small bronze oak leaf.
Insignia that denote Girl Scout membership at the national, council, and Troop levels.
nonverbal gestures that have well-understood definitions within a given culture; they usually have direct verbal translations, such as the OK sign
Deliberate nonverbal behaviors with precise meanings, known to virtually all members of a cultural group.
Emblems are pre-made pictures that work in conjunction with a foil stamper. Some examples of emblems are faces, flowers, animals and more. These can be found here:
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Emblems is the fifth album from Matt Pond PA, released in 2004.