Definitions for "Online Services"
Supplier web site services that improve customer service by helping customers do more of their commerce interaction online. Examples include tax calculation, credit checks, shipping requirements and order status.
All of our free electronic services which comprise the Talk Services and the Web Services, the Open Services and the Subscriber Services.
exclusive clubs on the internet like AOL and Compuserve.
Current awareness products and reference tools. Adding external content to your KM project can immediately enhance your organizations productivity. Providing access to current resources on topics they are consistently learning about provides easily accessible current and thought provoking information.
A location on the college Web site that allows access to admissions, registration and records activity.
Offer a variety of information, in the form of news, discussion groups, files, software, and electronic mail capabilities.
Computer functions offered to end users not owning a host computer; includes timesharing, archival storage, and prepared software programs.
Systems which offer access to the Internet as well as a variety of other easy to use features (i.e. markets, weather, travel, entertainment).