Definitions for "Extranet"
A network that links an organization to its clients, suppliers and external partners. Extranets use the same software and standards as the Internet, but are only available to people inside and certain people outside an organization, as determined by the organization.
A system that by using web technologies shares information and processes between two or more partners, for example suppliers and buyers. Full-text Indexing Content indexing of documents to be used for full-text search. Instead of doing searches on the document content every time, an index is created when editing the document or adding it to the system. Used in document management systems, web content management systems etc.
A Web site for existing customers rather than the general public. It can provide access to paid research, current inventories and internal databases, virtually any information that is private and not published for everyone. An extranet uses the public Internet as its transmission system, but requires passwords to gain access.
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a powerful comunication tool
a company website that permits supply chain members, or registered users outside the company, to view the web site and its content
a website or web-based application which is restricted to a group of permitted users outside the host organisation
a website the key characteristic of which is
a powerful weapon in the marketer's global branding arsenal
a very popular form of Web site
An extranet model allows a defined group of sites to share the same web pages by assessing their own servers. The Academy will make all resources available to each participating institution. This means that each participating institution will download the modules onto their own server and be able to offer the modules independent of the Academy.
a focused communications and functionality platform that meets the needs of one specific audience
a Web technology used for inter-organization communications
a secure connection that companies use to conduct electronic commerce
An extranet is a web site geared toward use specifically by a company's employees or clients. It will often contain company - or project-specific information that allows the parties involved to coordinate more efficiently.
a set of content shared by a well-defined group, but one that crosses enterprise boundaries
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