Definitions for "IDS"
Intrusion Defense System (or Software). A class of networking products devoted to detecting, monitoring, and blocking attacks from hackers. This often is comprised of a number of related components such as a firewall and protocol analyzer working together to stop hackers. BlackICE is an IDS.
Abbreviation for Intrusion Detection System. Software used to detect and intercept various forms of online attacks.
Data line used by Eurovision network to identify program originators and sources.
Context is: patent term.-- see Information Disclosure Statement
Information Disclosure Statement. A list of all patents, publications and other information submitted by an applicant for patent to the USPTO in discharging his duty of disclosure or to ensure that the Examiner considers the information.
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Interdictor Strike
Inter-Departmental Secretariat, a sub-committee of the ACP
Inventory of Depressive Symptomatology
Intermediate Dispersion Spectrograph. An instrument at the ING.
Involuntarily dissolved An administrative action causing an entity's involuntary dissolution
Informal Dispute Settlement. is a process in which two or more persons present their case to an impartial hearing officer who makes a non-binding decision on how to resolve the dispute.
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It is generally used to express the hotel sales over the internet. It is also known as a synonym for 3rd party websites and ADS.
Institute of Development Studies
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Income Deposit Security.