Definitions for "Transco"
is industry jargon for a company engaged exclusively in the provision of transmission service. To date, proposed Transcos have been criticized as insufficiently independent from the previous utility transmission owners.
a for-profit transmission company that both owns and operates transmission assets but does not own generation assets
The term for that portion of a functionally disaggregated electric utility’s business that involves the bulk transmission of power that is operated separately from any other power functions the utility might own or operate.
This is a company who own and run the UK gas pipe line. All gas shippers pay a charge for the transportation of gas. The cost of transportation of gas will vary depending on your location.
The company that is largely responsible for the transportation of gas, and for maintaining and developing the majority of the network of gas pipelines throughout Great Britain. Transco are also the body responsible for dealing with gas leaks and emergencies. Their National Freephone number is 0800 111 999.
UK gas transportation and emergency service.