Definitions for "Functional MRI"
Keywords:  mri, fmri, resonant, brain, scan
(functional magnetic resonance imaging) a type of brain scan that can be used to monitor the brain's activity and detect abnormalities in how it works.
A type of magnetic resonant imaging (MRI) scanning in which scientists can see what parts of the brain are active while a subject is performing a task, such as solving a math problem in the MRI scanner. Functional MRI (fMRI) can tell us which areas of the brain are active in some individuals with a disorder (eg, those with autism) versus typically developing individuals
Instead of taking a still picture, functional MRI records activity in the brain by measuring blood flow or changes in chemical composition. This enables doctors and researchers to determine which areas of the brain are active while the patient performs various tasks (e.g. reading a list of words, or listening to music).