Definitions for "MRS"
MR spectroscopy
A temporary surface storage system that was studied by the U.S. Department of Energy as a potential part of an integrated system of disposing of spent nuclear fuel. Neutron: A subatomic particle, with no electrical charge, that appears in the nucleus of all atoms except hydrogen. Non-Ionizing Radiation: Low energy radiation such as radio and television waves. Nuclear Radiation: Ionizing radiation ( alpha, beta, and gamma) originating in the nuclei of radioactive atoms.
Magnetic resonance spectroscopy. A scanning technique that examines the atoms hydrogen and phosphorus to glean information about chemical activity in small areas of the brain.
Marketing Research Society
Market Research Society. "The MRS is the world's largest international membership organisation for professional researchers and others engaged or interested in market, social or opinion research" (MRS Researcher's and Buyer's Guide 2005)
Mallee Research Station (NRE Walpeup)
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The feminine equivalent of MR., it did not denote marital status but social position. It was a prominent title used by woman of the aristocracy.
a form of address for a married woman
derived from Mistress, which was applied to any married female in authority, for instance a tavern keeper. Later it became the female equivalent of Mr and denoted a member of the gentry class.
Maritme Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Mine Rescue Services, South Africa. A private sector non-profit organisation that trains volunteer brigadesman who work in the industry and find and recover fellow employees in the event of an underground accident or incident
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Ministerial Reform Strategy
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Highland Area
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Modified Rankin Scale
MAKE READY SAVER. Same style envelopes as high flap except flap has deeper shoulders. Designed to reduce make ready or set up time when printing folded envelops. Available only on 6-3/4, 9, or 10.
Minimum Residual Stress. The term applied to products, usually flat rolled, which have been processed to minimize internal stress of the kind that causes distortion when material is disproportionately removed from one of the two surfaces through mechanical or chemical means.
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Missus — a form of address for a woman in English
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Multiple resource score
WP Macro Resource File
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Marginal rate of substitution.