Definitions for "MRI"
Medical imaging that allows a noninvasive view of the internal organs, including bone marrow. Sometimes used to aid in the monitoring of LSDs.
an imaging-producing procedure.
An MRI uses electromagnetic waves to produce very clear two or three dimensional images of areas of a person's body. An MRI produces superior diagnostic images compared to a CT scan, and uses no x-rays or radiation.
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Moredun Research Institute (a SABRI)
Major Research Initiative
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Media Records, Inc. An organization which publishes summaries of the lineage by various categories that are run in daily and Sunday newspapers. It provides competitive data to advertisers and newspapers in a market.
Media mark Research, Inc- Marketing research that provides consumer information and statistics for each media type.
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Multiple Sclerosis Myelin
mean rise interval. The average interval between the transit of the Moon and the middle of the period of the rise of the tide. It may be computed by adding half the duration of rise to the mean low water interval, rejecting the semidiurnal tidal period of 12.42 hours when greater than this amount. The mean rise interval may be either local or Greenwich according to whether it is referred to the local or Greenwich transit.
testing procedure used to detect changes in the bone marrow caused by tumors or infections, but without using radiation.
electromagnetic test that can "see" into the internal organs, including bone marrow.
Medical Reengineering Initiative
See the Medical Records Institute.
Machine Readable Information
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Mixed Reality Interface
Medical Records Institute. An organization that promotes the development and acceptance of electronic health care record systems.
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please see Functional MRI, above.