Definitions for "ARF"
Almost Ready To Fly. This one's a legitimate abbreviation. An ARF model airplane needs a few small finishing touches and you have to install the engine and radio gear yourself. They vary in degrees of completeness, from manufacturer to manufacturer.
Almost Ready to Fly. A mostly prebuilt model.
ARF models are mostly ready to fly out of the box. Their completeness varies between manufacturers.
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acute rheumatic fever
acute renal failure, occurs in previously normal kidneys following events such as crush injuries, heart failure or infection, and is usually reversible.
Acute renal failure. The rapid loss of kidney function over a few hours or days
Animal Research Facility
American Research Foundation. Founded in 1936 by the Association of National Advertisers and the American Association of Advertising Agencies, the Advertising Research Foundation is the preeminent professional organization in the field of advertising, marketing and media research. Its combined membership represents more than 400 advertisers, advertising agencies, research firms, media companies, educational institutions and international organizations. The principal mission of the ARF is to improve the practice of advertising, marketing and media research in pursuit of more effective marketing and advertising communications.
Australian Research Fellow (ARC Fellowship)
ARF is a monomeric member of the GTP-binding proteins, and has a function in cells to signal the assembly and disassembly of the coatomer coat of some vesicles.
The Advance Recycling Fee (ARF) is the fee Swiss customers pay on the purchase of new electronic or electrical equipment. This is used to finance the SWICO and S.EN.S Recycling Systems. This fee is openly published, transferred by the importers/manufacturers (or their traders) to a recycling account held by SWICO or S.EN.S.
The Audit, Risk and Finance Committee is one of the Committees of the Visa Europe Board of Directors.
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Abbreviation for argon fluoride
apical repositioned flap missing tooth
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ASEAN Regional Forum
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Animal Rights Fanatic
Administrative Record File. 1) Refers to documents, as they are being established and maintained. Until a response action decision has been selected, there is no complete administrative record for that decision. Thus, to avoid creating the impression that the record is complete at any time prior to the final selection decision, the set of documents is referred to as the ARF rather than the AR. 2) A file that contains all information used in order to make decisions on the selection of a response action under CERCLA. Available for public review and comment.
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This article is about the Nanoha character. For other uses, see ARF.
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Average Rounds with a Frag, is the number of rounds with at least one frag giving a basic percentage.
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Adjusted Range Factor