Definitions for "GTP"
Major nucleoside triphosphate used in the synthesis of RNA and in some energy-transfer reactions. Has a special role in microtubule assembly, protein synthesis, and cell signaling.
guanosine 5-triphosphate histidine
guanosine triphosphate which contains a high energy phosphate bond like ATP.
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GPRS Tunnelling Protocol
GPRS Tunnel Protocol
GPRS tunneling protocol. A protocol that transports IP packets between an SGSN and a GGSN. See also tunneling protocol.
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PRS unnel rotocol - Protocol above TCP/IP or UDP/IP allows PDU/PDP encapsulation on an IP datagram.
eneralized runk rotocol; a framework for controlling the signaling on a telephone line interface with a downloadable module called a Trunk Control Program (TCP).
Graduate Teacher Programme – this programme is designed to allow schools to employ unqualified teachers who are preparing for QTS assessment, assess them against the standards for the award of QTS, and devise individual training plans for them.
Graduate and Registered Teacher Programme
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Geometry Theorem Prover
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Acronym for " Grand Touring Prototype."
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Good Tissue Practices. GTP GxP
green tea polyphenols, the active substances within green tea