Definitions for "BSA"
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Bulk Segregant Analysis; molecular marker technique that identifies polymorphisms between the bulked DNAs of two segregating progeny groups, where each group contains individuals that share a particular characteristic. This strategy is useful in identifying and mapping genes that control simple inherited traits.
Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA) is used as a carrier and stabilizing protein in restriction enzyme digests. Promega's BSA has been acetylated to ensure that it contains no interfering activities.
bovine serum albumin beta
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Body surface area
brigade support area change command and control
Bomb Shelter Area. Internal area that offers protection from blast, flying glass and other fragments. (See: Bomb shelter areas).
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Abbreviation for Bayesian signal analysis, a method designed to be optimal for analyzing short time series which can work with an SNR as low as 0.6. No hypotheses are made about the actual series belonging to any hypothetical ensemble or infinite series; only the given data are used to find the probability of some a priori signal being contained in the data. A measure of the accuracy of the estimate can also be obtained. See Ruiz de Elvira and Bevia (1994).
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BreastScreen Aotearoa
was the Bosnian Serb armed militia that supported Bosnian Serb desires that was to attain Serbian control of Bosnia and Herzegovina and to join with the Serbian controlled Federal Republic of Yugoslavia.
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Bukary Syed Abu
Building Societies Association, the trade body for building societies.
Building Societies Association.The Trade Association representing interests of member societies, the number of which are reducing as societies convert to banks.
This stands for Building Societies' Association which is the trade association for British building societies.
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Board of Student Advisors – The student group in charge of the intra-school competitions: Client Counseling, Negotiations, Grimes Moot Court, and Mock Trial.
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Beuzelin Sport Auto
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Biosecurity Act 1993 and Amendments
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Basic Serving Arrangement. An Open Network Architecture term that defines the relationship between an enhanced service provider (ESP) and the service provider providing the telephone lines. It includes, for example, the basic interconnection access arrangement to the PSTN, the features and functions associated with that access link, and the transport service (switched or dedicated). Generally, the ESP may choose service elements from various alternatives.
See Basic Serving Arrangement.
Basic Surface Attack
A software industry coalition whose stated missions include industry education and copyright enforcement.
Business Software Alliance
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British Schools of America
Boy Scouts of America