Definitions for "Biosecurity"
System of procedures and other means to reduce or eliminate exposure of poultry flocks to any type of infectious agent, whether it be viral, bacterial, fungal, or parasitic in nature. For more information on specifics of biosecurity systems, please see:
Precautions taken to minimize the risk of introducing an infectious agent into a population.
The term refers to procedures designed to prevent SE from being carried into poultry houses from outside sources and may include all or some of the following: use of chicks from SE-negative breeder flocks, use of SE-negative feed ingredients; proper use of medications and pesticides; and restricted access and movement of personnel and equipment in/out of hen houses.
Biosecurity refers to policies and measures taken to protect this nation’s food supply and agricultural resources from both accidental contamination and deliberate attacks of bioterrorism. Now viewed as an emerging threat, bioterrorism might include such acts as introducing pests intended to kill U.S. food crops; spreading a virulent disease among animal production facilities; and poisoning air, water, food, and blood supplies. The federal government is now increasing its efforts to improve biosecurity to lessen the vulnerabilities to bioterrorism threats.
The exclusion, eradication and effective management of pests and unwanted organisms into New Zealand.
We have worked with the Biosecurity Council definition for this review. `Protection from the risks posed by pests and diseases to the economy, environment and people's health through exclusion, eradication, containment and management.'
Diseases can be easily spread between herds and a strict isolation and sanitation program is normally practiced.
The principle of taking measures to keep premises and therefore stock free from incoming diseases.
Any of a broad range of practices enforced at a dairy farm to prevent transmittal of pathogens from other sources by feed, cattle, people, or other animals.
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Measures to protect from infection.