Definitions for "FSB"
Front Side Bus- The bus within a microprocessor that connects the CPU with main memory (Hardware)
Abbreviation for The Front Striker Bulletin.
front side bus, the connection between the processor and the main memory.
Federation of Small Businesses.
the internal counterintelligence agency of the Russian Federation and successor to the Soviet KGB; formerly led by Vladimir Putin
a federally chartered savings bank
Full Split Bands - Mercury dime
FSB (Formation Studio Balkantone) are an influential Bulgarian art-rock/funk/pop band, started in 1976 in Sofia as a studio project. FSB achieved great success in the 1980's and performed in numerous countries across Europe. Their collaboration with singer Jose Feliciano resulted in the album I'm Never Gonna Change and a Grammy award in 1990.
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ire upport ase
Fire support base
Forward Support Battalion. An FSB provides the administrative, medical and logistical support to one brigade.
Fire Safety Bureau
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Ferrous steel beams only.
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Field Service Bulletin
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File service buffer.
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Financial Services Board