Definitions for "OTS"
Object Transaction Services. A CORBA function used to manage the integrity and recoverability of resources used, possibly over a series of method requests on multiple recoverable objects. An extension of the X/Open DTP model.
Office of Toxic Substances
Opportunities To See ads in a campaign. Total (target audience) OTS of a television campaign is equivalent to the total number of (target audience) impacts delivered by that campaign. Average OTS is equivalent to average frequency (see Frequency).
Optical Tracking System. CT- or MRI-guided system for localizing and targeting lesions and visualization of the anatomy. Indicated image-guided procedures include craniotomies, catheter placement, tumor resections and ENT procedures. Mfg: Radionics. Source: BW Healthwire - 11/12/97.
Other Than Salary; an SIU internal budget category that includes all items, such as commodities, contractual services, equipment, travel, student worker wages, etc., except salaries and fringe benefits. See section 9 of ORDA's Sponsored Project Guide.
para-Toluenesulfonate; tosylate
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fficial apers ection. The area in a venue where taping is officially sanctioned. Usually located immediately behind the sound board. See also FOB.
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OSI ransport ervices
HP's term for the OSI transport services.
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ne- ime ource
Orbital Test Satellite. Pre-operational test vehicle for Eurpoean Communcations Satellite.
Over The Shoulder is another position for hanging.
Over the shoulder graphic.
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Off the shelf products.
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Qualified Teacher Status
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One-Time Settlement
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open terminal server