Definitions for "FSS"
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Federal Supply Service--An organization in the U.S. General Services Administration.
See "Family Self-Sufficiency Program."
PIC Family Services Specialist
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Fast sealift ships[88
fast sealift ship
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Federated Search System. A software interface that can access a set of metadata repositories, search each one according to stipulated search conditions and return a set of Metadata Records. The ability to search contents of one collection from another collection.
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Food Safety Staff, CFSAN
An acronym for, “For Safety's Sake”. Safety is: the first, and most important, and largest concern in dealing with electronic components and/or boards.
Face arial Flextronics Software Systems
Fatigue Severity Scale. A self-administered test designed to measure the severity of the fatigue symptoms. A score of 36 or more suggests that an individual is suffering from fatigue; in that case, further evaluation is needed.
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Formula Spending Assessment
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Fixed Satellite System