Definitions for "EDS"
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abbr. excessive daytime sleepiness
Electronic Data Systems, Inc.
Excessive Daytime Sleepiness. the symptom of being overly sleepy
Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy A technique that is based on the characteristic X-ray peaks that are generated when an energetic electron beam interacts with the specimen. Each element produces characteristic x-rays that may be used to identify the presence of that element in the region being examined. Comparison of the relative intensities of x-ray peaks may be used to determine the relative concentrations of each element in the specimen. Elements with an atomic number less than that of carbon carbon (Z=5) are not generally detectable.
Energy Distribution System - the network of supply and return pipes used to circulate the hot and chilled water to customers and the metering systems used to monitor their usage of the system
Energy Disperse Spectroscopy
Ethylene Delivery System , transporting ethylene from NOVA Chemicals' Joffre petrochemical complex to Fort Saskatchewan and Prentiss, Alberta.
Company that NOVA uses for all merchant’s voice authorizations needs. Referral to as "The Voice Authorization Center."
enquêtes démographiques et sanitaires coordonnées par les National Institutes of Health des États-Unis
lectro ermal creening - It measures resistance on the acupuncture points/channels. Very interesting, but not always easy to interpret the results.
Extended DataStream. Additional attribute information provided with each character sent from a mainframe – color, blinking, underline, etc.
Early Deployment Scheme
Employee Development Scheme (or programme) - provide the workforce with opportunities for personal development.
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Eating, Drinking, or Smoking