Definitions for "Service Center"
A catchall name for an operation that buys steel, often processes it in some way and then sells it in a slightly different form. A service center is distinguished from an end-user by the fact that, unlike an end-user, a service center sells steel, not a fabricated product. Service centers are manufacturers to the extent that they add labor to steel by providing a service.
A facility or department that supports customer requirements for repair, returns and sometimes light manufacturing. A facility used strictly to stock material at strategic points is normally referred to as a distribution center.
There are four regional service centers (California, Nebraska, Texas and Vermont). These centers process green card applications, adjustment of status applications, and temporary visa applications. There are also many local USCIS offices that handle naturalization, certain visa issues, and work authorizations.
Company that warehouses and markets semifinished metal products such as bars, plate, sheet or structurals.
an entity that provides a broad range of specific technical or operational services primarily for internal users throughout campus for a fee
an external and independent entity set up by a multinational company with the purpose of exclusively carrying out between one and several specific activities on behalf of the companies of the group
Place where members of frequent travel programs can call for award travel, redemption, accrual and current promotions.
A point or area within a store or building where customers receive special attention for services extending beyond the sale of goods. Ex: customer service counter; appliance repair and maintenance areas; a department store ticket window or bill-paying window.
An operating unit equipped to perform a specific service that is necessary to the operation of the Department as a whole; e.g., Reproduction Unit, Computer Systems, etc.
An operation that buys metal, stores it, (often processing it in some way) and then sells it in a slightly different form than it was purchased from the producing mills.
Point of support for items not ordered through dispatch.
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a resource in the system that requires tasks to wait when the resource is servicing another task
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a location where a wide range of employment