Definitions for "Uso"
Keywords:  lie, haruto, sez, disbelief, masaka
"Lie!" It is also commonly used by girls to expressed disbelief at something, like Masaka. Pronounced "Ew-so"
literally, 'a lie'; a shortened version of 'usotsuki'. When used as an expletive it means 'That's not true!' or, as Haruto sez, 'You're shitting me!'
Universal Service Obligations
United Service Organizations
United Services Organization
Keywords:  sindical, obrero, uni, workers, oil
Unión Sindical Obrero, Oil Workers' Union.
Keywords:  unstarted, object
Unstarted object.
uniform support order. A court form required if there is a minor child. It summarizes child support, alimony (if any), health insurance, and uninsured health costs.
Ultra Stable Oscillator. an oscillator with a long term frequency stability of the order 10^8.