Definitions for "PSP"
Sony’s PlayStation Portable. One of the most expensive hand-held game systems known to man. Also devours its battery charge like a starving rhino. It has a nice screen, though.
Paint Shop Pro. PlayStation Portable. Are: SECKZ! rofl(( ol)/() ao) Rolling on floor laughing ((out loud)/my (fucking) ass off).
Sony's new handheld console. The PSP is in essence a PSX shrunk down so it can be help and played in your hand.
Progressive supranuclear palsy. A progressive neurological disorder characterized by neurodegenerative changes of certain brain regions, including particular areas of the basal ganglia and the brainstem. Symptom onset most often occurs in the sixth decade of life. Associated findings may include balance difficulties, sudden falls, stiffness (rigidity), slowness of movement (bradykinesia), an impaired ability to perform certain voluntary eye movements, and visual disturbances. Affected individuals may also develop slurred speech; swallowing difficulties; personality changes; dystonia; sudden, involuntary, "shock-like" muscle contractions (myoclonus); or other abnormalities. The disorder usually appears to occur randomly for unknown reasons (sporadically); however, there are some reports of families with multiple affected members, suggesting a possible hereditary component to the disease.
Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. A degenerative brain disorder sometimes difficult to distinguish from Parkinson's especially in the early stages. PSP symptoms are rigidity and akinesia, difficulty looking up and down, speech and balance problems. Those with PSP often have poor response to antiparkinson medications.
Pastoral Support Plan. A plan put in place for pupils at a high risk of imminent exclusion from school. The school brings together the pupil, parents or carers, and other agencies to develop and implement a time-specific plan to support the child's continuing attendance.
Pastoral Support Programmes
A Federation of Families local Chapter, is open and free of charge to all Lake County residents. This is a group where parents are welcome to support and encourage one another in seeking solutions to their child rearing problems. (Mental Health Association)
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Pit Signal Processing, used for invisible watermarking on a DVD or CD disc to prevent copying. PSP is specified for SACD discs.
Pit Signal Processing - Content protection through physical watermark technology For protection against undue copying, the Super Audio CD uses a physical watermark based on “Pit Signal Processing” (PSP)technology. Used in conjunction with sophisticated content scrambling, the “invisible watermark” signal can be recognised only by an SACD player. Even if all of the data on an SACD disc were copied bit-by-bit, the copied disc would lack an authentic watermark and therefore be rejected by SACD players. The same PSP technology can be employed to create a “visible watermark”, such as a picture, lettering, or another pattern that can be recognised by visual inspection.
Payphone Service Provider. This is a company that installs and maintains payphones.
Primary Service Provider
Payphone Service Provider. A corporation, association, partnership or person that provides coin telephone service. The PUC does not regulate coin service providers.
Pacifistisch-Socialistische Partij
pierced steel planking (interlocking mild steel plates used for temporary runway or hardstanding)
Perforated Steel Plating, used for building helicopter pads, airstrips and bunkers
Plastic Splash-Proof Plug For Receptacle
NBS/ISCC Source(PSP): Commercial Standard CS156-49 Polystyrene Plastics
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Pointed Soft Point Punta Blanda Puntiaguda
Precision spectral pyranometer, a pyranometer with an outer clear dome that can be replaced by colored domes that transmit specific bandwidths of the solar spectrum. The PSP is a specific instrument of Eppley Laboratory, Inc. Below is a picture of a PSP.
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
Photoperiod sensitive
Pressure Sensitive Paint
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Pennsylvania State Police
Priority Sewerage Program.
Program Segment Prefix
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Primary Skill Path. The path a player selects to be his/her character's principle choice for purchasing skills. Cross-path modifiers will be based on the PSP
See Primary Skill Path
Personal Skills Program
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See pseudo-static SP.
stations power off their radios for long periods. When a mobile unit in PSP mode associates with an access point, it notifies the AP of its activity status. The AP responds by buffering packets received for the MU.
Packet Switching Processor.
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Power Steering Pressure
The PSP is located at the beginning of the memory area allocated by DOS for a program to be run. Created by the operating system and contains information about some interrupt vectors, addresses of system fields etc.
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Pool Selling Price. This is the price that the Pool agrees to sell electricity at, to suppliers, should they need it.
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A company that owns or operates pay phones.