Definitions for "Development control"
The process through which the Council determines whether a proposal for development should be granted planning permission, taking into account the development plan and any other material considerations.
the process whereby a local planning authority decides whether a planning application meets the requirements of planning policy, particularly as set out in development plans.
The powers of a local planning authority to control the development and use of land, which includes inter alia:- the refusal or grant (with or without conditions)of planning permission. the issue of enforcement notices. the making of revocation, modification or discontinuance orders. the grant or refusal of listed building consents. the designations of conversion areas. Development yield In a valuation to ascertain a ground rent, the rate at which costs are decapitalised to find the annual deduction from the occupation rents. It comprises: an investment yield an annual allowance for developers risk and profit and, in some instances an annual sinking fund element
These are the procedures that operate to ensure that the decision about whether to permit a particuar mineral application is made in the appropriate way.