Definitions for "PPG"
Project Planning Guide. A University of California reporting document that outlines the scope and budget of a proposed capital project.
Personal Program Guide
Pre-Overhaul Planning Guide
An abbreviation for powered paragliding, paramotoring, and/or a powered paragliding equipment.
powered paraglider.
owered ara lider. Not to be confused with a powered parachute
PULSED PLASMA GUN. Similar to an X-ray laser (see X-ray laser) or point defense laser. A PPG requires less energy, but uses a consumable commodity.
A weapon that uses superheated plasma instead of bullets. PPG's have replaced ordinary guns because the heat of the charge can stop (and maim or kill) a person without ricocheting or damaging the bulkheads of a ship or a spacestation.
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pounds per gallon. a measure of the density of a fluid (such as a drilling mud).
abbreviation: pounds per gallon.
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Intercept® Warm Edge Glazing Intercept® is a unique, seamless steel coated U channel system, developed by PPG Industries, which is located at the point of contact where the glass is sealed to the window frame. The U-channel spacer bar is manufactured as one continuous piece thus providing excellent structural integrity and superior thermal performance in all Harvey windows. In addition, PPG Intercept® "warm edge" technology provides 10% warmer indoor glass edge temperatures, provides for outstanding argon gas retention, a higher R-value, and excellent condensation resistance.
Postprandial Glucose is a measurement of an individual’s blood glucose level after eating. ADA guidelines emphasise that PPG levels should be less than 180 mg/dl. Increasingly, medical research is finding that PPG, in conjunction with FPG, plays a significant role in achieving and maintaining targeted A1C levels.
photoplethysmography for variations in volume
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Powerplay goals
Total power-play goals
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Points per game.