Definitions for "Powerplay"
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Powerplaying is a big nono. Powerplaying is when one person poses something that forces another person into doing something they didn't want. For example : Tarzan grabs hold of Jane's arm and bends it backward, forcing her to her knees and breaking her arm is a powerplay - Jane had no control over whether Tarzan broke her arm or not, or whether she was forced to her knees. The only time this would be OK is if Tarzan had asked Jane's permission, either OOCly or through pages, to force her to her knees and break her arm.
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An experminent in 2005 by the ICC to try to spruce up the middle overs one-day internationals by allowing the fielding side two blocks of five overs in which they could do away with fielding restrictions.
A Powerplay is a new rule concerning fielding restrictions in one-day international (ODI) cricket. In the past, there was a 15-over period at the start of an innings when only two fielders were allowed outside the 30-yard circle. This meant that attacking batsmen were likely to score runs quickly in the first 15 overs, but would become more watchful at the end of the spell.
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Cognos function
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Powerplay is a sporting term used in various games.