Definitions for "PRS"
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Performing Rights Society. Responsible for distributing money to musicians from the fee radio stations pay them for playing any music.
see MCPS/PRS Alliance
Poverty Reduction Strategy. The PRS approach, launched by the World Bank and IMF in 1999, emphasises participatory, country-owned national development strategies for reducing poverty.  In the PRS process, a country is supposed to assess the nature and causes of poverty in the country, prioritise macroeconomic, structural and social policies according to their impact on poverty, and select and track outcome indicators.  They are required to produce a PRSP - Poverty Reduction Strategy Paper - in order to access HIPC multilateral debt relief, and PRGF and IDA concessional lending.  In the meantime, the countries write I-PRSPs - Interim-PRSPs - which outline the country's existing strategy and describe the process for developing a full PRSP.
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Performance Requirements Summary. A document that contains information about: the key services that a contractor is required to perform; standards to enable the government to test the quality of a contractor's performance; and surveillance methods to be used.
See Performance Requirements Summary.
Performance Requirements Summary. A technical exhibit to the PWS, it identifies the key performance indicators of the contract that will be evaluated by the government to assure contract performance standards are met by the contractor.
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Parti Rakyat Sarawak
Premium Rate Service A service, such as recorded information or live "chat", run by an independent service provider. Premium rate (090X) calls are charged at a higher rate than ordinary calls.
Program Revenue - Service
Protection & Regulatory Services
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Personnel Reporting System for the CES organizations which includes the use of the CES-436 Notification of Personnel Actions and the CESPIS data base.
Price Reporting System.
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Pacific Regional Seminary.
Personalized response system. A computer assistance system which permits operators to pre-record their greeting to customers and other frequently used messages, thereby relieving stress on their voices and increasing productivity.
See personalized response system.
PROPERTY REPAYMENT SYSTEM. The charging system for Government accommodation on the Common User Estate (CUE) and Departmental Estate (DE) that was operated by Property Holdings.
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Pressure Reducing Spray- A Rain Bird sprinkler feature which controls pressure at the head to reduce misting and protects against extreme water loss in the event a nozzle falls off of the sprinkler stem. Back to glossary index.
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Parish registers
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Pseudo Random Sequence
Post Release Supervision. That portion of an offender's community placement that is not community custody.
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Proximity Switch