Definitions for "Millennium Development Goals"
Keywords:  poverty, mdg, summit, september, hunger
Eight developmental goals set by the United Nations to be achieved by 2015. Among them, halve extreme poverty, provide universal primary education, reverse incidence of HIV/AIDS, malaria, TB, etc.
In September 2000, world leaders at the Millennium Summit agreed on an ambitious agenda for reducing poverty and improving lives. This ambition was formulated in eight Millennium Development Goals. For each goal one or more targets were set, most to be achieved by 2015, using 1990 as a benchmark. Three goals are relevant for hygiene, sanitation, and water in schools: achieve universal primary education, promote gender equality and empower women, and ensure environmental sustainability.
A list of 10 goals (including eradicating extreme poverty and hunger, improving maternal health and ensure environmental sustainability) adopted by the UN General Assembly. The MDGs commit the international community to an expanded vision of development, and have been commonly accepted as a framework for measuring development progress.