Definitions for "Slot 1"
A cartridge slot found on motherboards that accepts an SECC or SECC2 cartridge. It works with Intel's Pentium II and III chips, and some Celerons were also shipped that use slot 1. Most Celerons used Socket 370 instead.
Intel's proprietary CPU interface form factor for Pentium II CPUs. Slot 1 replaces the Socket 7 and Socket 8 form factors used by previous Pentium processors. It is a 242-contact daughtercard slot that accepts a microprocessor packaged as a Single Edge Contact (SEC) cartridge. Communication between the Level 2 cache and CPU is at half the CPU's clock speed.
The motherboard slot that receives the first generation of Pentium 11 processors. Instead of using pins to interface with the motherboard, the Pentium 11 uses a double-sided edge contact to mate with the motherboard. (4/99)