Definitions for "Localization"
The process of adapting products and supporting materials for a local audience. It may include translation, redesign, as well as technical and cultural changes.
(n.) The development process that customizes software and documentation for use in a specific country or language environment. See also internationalization.
The adaptation of system software or applications to a particular language or region. Localization involves translating strings and providing proper conventions for sorting, date and time formats, currency and measurement units, calendars, numbers, and other culturally specific items such as icons See also: internationalization
The ability to detect the directionality of sounds.
Assigning a perceived direction to a sound. A full description would include horizontal angle (azimuth), vertical angle (elevation) and distance. The size of the perceived sound image may also be a consideration.
The sense of spatial position of a sound source, including left-right azimuth, high-low elevation, and near-far proximity.
a common mechanism for specifying distinct fates of daughters during cell division
a common mechanism of post-transcriptional regulation of gene expression
a fundamental mechanism used by cells to create cell polarity
For gamma-ray bursts, the area of the sky from which the burst occurred. The smaller the area a telescope is able to pinpoint a burst to, the better the localization.
The recognition of the function of any particular area, particularly applied to the cortical areas.
(physiology) the principle that specific functions have relatively circumscribed locations in some particular part or organ of the body
The specification of local details.
This term refers to making software specifically designed for a specific locality.
Determination of the original position (locus) of a gene or other marker on a chromosome.
The theory that various psychological functions are precisely localized in certain areas of the central nervous system. c. f. mass action. The theory that, for certain functions, the central nervous system acts as a whole.
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In leak detection, this term is used in connection with actually determining the location of a gas leak.
Limitation to a definite area. The reference of a sensation to its point of origin.
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see localized marketing strategy.
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Part of the cell where a molecule resides.
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Act of localizing, or state of being localized.
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