Definitions for "Gene expression"
The conversion of DNA sequence information to a phenotype. Gene expression involves activation of transcription, processing of the transcript, translation of structural genes, and assembly of the protein products.
Conversion of encoded information in the DNA (gene) into a protein.
Gene expression refers to the transcription and translation of a specific part of the DNA code with the ultimate outcome being protein synthesis.
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The result of the activity of a gene or genes which influence the biochemistry and physiology of an organism and may change its outward appearance.
A term used to describe which genes are active in, or influence, a biologic process.
The screening of large numbers of genes to see whether they're active under certain conditions.
the detectable effect of a gene, an appearance of an inherited trait.
a combination of genes that are turned off or turned on in response to a specific condition.
Physical evidence that a gene has been "turned on" or activated. Gene mapping--determining the positions of genes on a chromosome.