Definitions for "Pub"
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Public house - a tavern
The one-time tavern in the harbor of Ae'gura, by the side of the main stairs. Unfortunately, it is not as well equipped as Quark's bar (non-Star Trek fans see here).
bar, tavern
Pub is a workflow system, team management and an extensive dynamic cms system.
Publication - Ventura Publisher, Microsoft Publisher (filename extension).
Microsoft Publisher document.
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This is a public ftp that anyone can connect to with anonymous access. They are usually used for transferring large files to many people because of their high speeds.
a directory on an FTP site where publicly available files are kept. People can connect using anonymous ftp to get files stored in the pub directory.
A free for all FTP site where anonymous access is permitted. They are usually used for transferring large files to many people because of their high speeds.
PUB is a major department store in Stockholm, Sweden, located in two buildings at Hötorget. PUB was opened in 1882 and rapidly expanded. The name PUB is for the initials of Paul U.
The New Brunswick Public Utilities Board, the provincial regulatory authority responsible for regulating utilities in New Brunswick. [ CESP
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Pub Is the debut album by the British band Denzil.
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Where you go when you realise that it's too cloudy to see anything and that you're cold, wet and in need of a drink.
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Publications, typography, printing trade
An establishment that serves beer and sometimes other alcoholic beverages for consumption on premise. The term originated in England and is the shortened form of "public house".
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A work published by the résumé owner
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referring to down (hairs) ("puberulatus" "pubigerus")
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Short for Public.
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Public Interest
Publisher, published.
A publication. To publish.