Definitions for "TNF"
Tumor Necrosis Factor. a monokine produced in various parts of the body. It is important in stimulating leukocytosis, fever and necrosis (death of some tissues surrounded by healthy tissue). This might be described as the body's natural form of chemotherapy.
Tumour Necrosis Factor. A type of immunotherapy that is being used experimentally for some types of cancer. TNF is a naturally occuring substance produced by blood cells called macrophages and T cells. TNF naturally attacks tumour cells. When it is used as treatment, it is used in much larger quantities. We do not know whether these larger quantities will be more likely to kill cancer cells. Or whether there could be damaging side effects. This type of treatment is still experimental.
Tumor necrosis factor. a protein in the body involved in inflammatory processes. When overproduced in the body, it also damages tissue in and around the joints of people with psoriatic arthritis.