Definitions for "playback"
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A recording of a companys quarterly earnings announcement and accompanying statements that may be accessed at a later time.
Playback is the final, complete novel by Raymond Chandler to feature his iconic creation Philip Marlowe. It was published in 1958, the year before his death.
Playback is a box set compilation by Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, released in 1995.
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a light version of Nemo TETRA it has no measurement function
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controls These are similar to the controls on other video equipment. They allow you to play, rewind, pause and fast-forward what is seen in the monitor.
The part of a computerised lighting control desk which enables the operator to recall cues from the electronic memory.
National Library Services Talking Book Service provides cassette playback machine for use with 15/16 ips 4 track cassette tapes.
a content protection issue that the PC industry will need to work closely with the DVD-A community to help ensure suitable protection of the content through the PC
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The process of presenting time-based media to the user.
The reproduction of recorded audio or video
The pre-recorded tape of singing that is played during filming.
Playback is an album released by synth-pop band SSQ in 1983 on both EMI America Records and Enigma Records.
Playback is an album released by synth-pop band SSQ in 1983 on both EMI America Records and Enigma Records.
The replaying of recorded images and sounds, usually on a camcorder or VCR.
Playing a pre-recorded message or music into a conference or voicemail system.
A replay of your conference call made possible through our SoundByte technology.
A replay of your conference call, accessible through your dedicated dial-in number and passcode that you receive after registering with All Conferencing.
the act of reproducing recorded sound; "he was allowed to hear the playback of his testimony"
Videotaped material viewed and heard as recorded, facilitated camera or VCR.
Viewing of broadcast material that has been video-recorded. See also Timeshift audience.
electronic equipment comprising the part of a tape recorder that reproduces the recorded material
A Playback object is used to play Animation data on a given target Group, AnimationBundle (synchronized set of Groups) , Cluster or Texture. class, P81
Operates the recording machine which plays back a pre-recorded track for each take, so that the Talent can adjust the timing of their speech or movements to match that track.[ edit
The viewing of recorded video footage.
The operation of playing back recorded data from a storage medium to an output data stream. The data stream is usually sent to a network timeslot via the DM3 TSP resource; specifically, this is handled by an instance of the TSC component (the primary component of the TSP resource) residing in the same cluster as the player instance.
i. Playback refers to the review of images or video footage either in-camera or on a television or computer screen. ii. Playback also refers to a digital music playerâ€(tm)s battery life. Playback varies between players and is not only dependent on model and battery capacity, but also the types of files you play. Generally, a digital music player has much longer music playback than music with slideshow and video playback.