Definitions for "Rewind"
Rewind is an open source project to implement a compatibility layer for the Microsoft Windows API on UNIX with X11. It supports Free BSD, Solaris and Linux. It grew out of the original MIT Licensed WINE project after WINE changed its license to the GNU LGPL in March 2002.
The debut album by Hexstatic, released on NTone (sister label to Ninja Tune) in March 2000. The album cover features a 1980 home computer, the Sinclair ZX80.
Rewind (1971-1984) is a compilation album by The Rolling Stones and was released in 1984. Coming only three years after Sucking in the Seventies, the album was primarily compiled to mark the end of the band's worldwide alliance with EMI (and Warner Music in North America), both of whom were the distributors of Rolling Stones Records. In July 1983, before Undercover's release, The Rolling Stones had signed a worldwide multi-million dollar contract with CBS Records, with the first album being due in 1986.
Keywords:  stunt, flip, aerial, entrance, skill
An aerial back flip into a stunt.
A free-flipping release move used as an entrance skill into a stunt.
An automatic console or set of bench mounted spindles used to wind film from reel-to-reel.
After printing the roll, it is wound up to the original unprinted form.
To wind again; especially the winding of a roll of film after printing, slitting, etc.
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Rewind is a program that allows a beginning DJ to put together pre-made samples created by real DJ's for beginning DJ's to create they're own songs. The interface is a simple 'drag and drop', but can be extended for more professional needs.
When you complete a grind or stall and do a 270 degree turn.
A spin where the rider does a shifty one way, then back the other, then spins back in the direction of their initial shifty.
Rewind is a science fiction novel written in 1999 by William Sleator. It explores maturity and self confidence.
Rewind is the name of a fictional character from the Transformers universes.
To throw away part of the development, i.e. to assign the head to an earlier revision.
To sell a new car to a customer who has just unwound from an earlier purchase.
To select an earlier item, rather than the next or current item, from an argument list.
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(slang) redouble.
A term used to describe any maneuver where a rotation is initiated, stopped and its momentum reversed.
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To turn a web of paper around a core or cylinder, usually at the delivery end of the press.