Definitions for "VCP"
Visual Comfort Probability. This is a fixture rating system that determines how many people would, when viewing this fixture, find it to have low glare and be comfortable to work near. The higher the number or percentage, the better.
Visual Comfort Probability. The visual comfort probability (VCP) is a term that refers to the number of people (expressed as a percentage) that feel comfortable in an environment illuminated by a specific luminaire.
Visual Comfort Probability. For a given lighting scheme, VCP is a ratio expressed as a percent of people who, when viewing from a specific location and in a specified direction, find the system acceptable in terms of glare.
Video Cassette Player. A video cassette player (VCP) is designed strictly for playback — it does not have the ability to record.
Acronym: ideo assette layer Video: An electronic device designed to accept and play back pre-recorded video tapes.
VCP: Video Cassette Player - Unlike a VCR, it does not record and has no TV tuner.
Voluntary Cleanup Committee – A non-responsible party to acquire a contaminated property liability protection for existing contamination by agreeing to perform an environmental assessment and/or remediation. The amount of environmental work is site specific and dependent on the intended future use of the site.
Voluntary Correction Program. A program designed to handle the more common & less flagrant plan defects that is submitted to the IRS for review at a user fee.
Voluntary Cleanup Program
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Vitreous Clay Pipe.
Vitrified Clay Pipe
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Variable Camshaft Phasing
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Vehicle Check Point