Definitions for "VTR"
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Old-fashioned term for a VCR, which stems from the time that recorders used open reels of tape rather than cassettes.
Videotape Recorder. Generally refers to professional equipment.
Abbreviation for videotape recorder, a device which allows the recording and playback of magnetic tape sound and picture recordings.
Vehicle Test Report. A document obtained at the end of a vehicle's emissions test that indicates the test results. In the case of failing vehicles, the VTR identifies which pollutant(s) caused your vehicle to fail*. The VTR should be provided to your repair technician, and he/she must complete and sign the Repair Data Section on the back of your VTR. Bring your VTR to the emissions testing station when your vehicle is retested. A VTR with a "Pass" or "Waiver" overall test result is valid for registration purposes for 60 days from the date of issue. You cannot register your vehicle without a valid VTR.
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virtual tally room
Variable Trace Rate. This radio function is similar to exponential except it uses two linear responses to determine the servo sensitivity on the first and second half of the control stick movements.
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Vent through the roof