Definitions for "Assemble Edit"
Keywords:  tape, edit, vitc, timecode, linearly
In old fashioned linear tape editing: adding one shot to the last, starting at the start and ending at the end. The alternative is insert editing, or go non-linear
In linear systems, assemble edit mode lays down a new video, audio, and control track all at once. It usually requires anywhere from 3-5 seconds of pre-roll before you edit to tape. In Final Cut Pro, it's a function that writes the sequence or clip to tape at the designated In point, or at the current point. Assemble edit mode usually breaks the timecode on your edit tape.
An edit where all existing signals on a tape (if any) are replaced with new signals. Assemble editing sequentially adds new information to a tape and a control track might be created during the edit. The edit is made linearly and is added to the end of previously recorded material.
A method for building a videotape in which a series of clips are placed one after the other to create, or assemble, a program.