Definitions for "Flying erase head"
Extra video head, found on many high-end VCR's and all JVC camcorders, that erases the video signal during editing; it's designed to produce seamless edits and smooth, invisible transitions from one scene to the next.
A recommended feature for editing tapes on your VCR. The flying erase head is mounted on the head drum at the same angle as the video record heads. It erases a portion of the tape a fraction of a second before a new image is recorded. Scene transitions and recording stops and starts are almost undetectable, with no glitches or "rainbow" effects.
Before you can re-record on a tape, the old recording has to be erased. A flying erase head is positioned on the rotating head drum of the camcorder or VCR, and can erase the section of tape needed precisely, so there is no picture disturbance before or after the new recording. Fixed heads are not as effective and cause such picture distortion at each end of the new recording.