Definitions for "Time Lapse VCR"
Keywords:  cctv, vcr, lapse, vhs, tape
A video recorder, most often in the VHS format, that can slow down the recording process and create a time lapse between recorded frames. This increases the amount of recording time on an individual tape. Unlike a standard VCR which has a maximum recoding time of 8 hours, time lapse recorders can record from 2 to 960 hours on a standard VHS tape. Recording speeds available on some Time Lapse VCRs: (table below)
A type of video recorder that can be set to record continuously over long periods. This can be anything from three hours to 480 hours, achieved by the tape moving in steps and recording one frame at at time. This means that if set to record over long periods much information can be lost. On receipt of an alarm signal these machines can be automatically switched to real time mode.
Used primarily by CCTV systems, this VCR enables increased recording time on a videocassette by not recording all the frames.