Definitions for "Servo"
Device augmenting pilot input, usually to move a control surface
the part of the radio control gear that converts the radio signal into movement. More details here.
A small electrically powered motor encased in plastic or metal (typically plastic) with an arm protruding from the side or top. The servo takes control input from the receiver and is used to translate transmitter control changes into movement of control rods, levers or other mechanical linkages on the radio controlled vehicle or aircraft. Report this Word See also: Battery Eliminator Circuitry (BEC) | Receiver | Servo Reverse Switch | Y-Harness | Servo Saver Added by: mkranitz
(butterfly)- Inline valve to regulate flow of pressure.
Specially designed electronic circuit loop that measures speaker cone behavior and works with the speaker's amplifier to correct the signal, significantly decreasing distortion.
The servo transforms your ground commands into physical adjustments of the airplane while itâ€(tm)s in the air.
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of or involving servomechanisms
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Short for servomechanism. (7/96)