Definitions for "Closed loop"
A feedback path in a self-regulating control system. Unlike a standard open state trigger that needs to have a connection established to serve as a trigger, a closed loop trigger will act to trigger a security system when its loop (connection) is broken.
An NC control with a positional feed back system. See also open loop
A closed loop distribution arrangement, is where the pallets remain in direct control of the pallet's owner. For example, holding Work in Progress, being transferred between areas within the same factory or business. There is less risk of the pallets being lost or damaged, in a Closed Loop situation, and this prolongs and protects the pallet's working life.
a continuous pipe that circulates a fluid (often with an antifreeze mixture) to extract heat from the surrounding soil or water
An underground heat exchanger piping system usually of polyethylene or polybutylene designed to allow the extraction or rejection of heat to the earth by the circulation of fluid within the tubing.
Piping circuit that is complete and not open to the atmosphere.
This can be within a production system, allowing you to reuse and recycle water and energy, for example, or within a larger system, allowing products to be reused, remanufactured or recycled. It means moving from a linear flow of goods and materials to a more cyclical one.
n. a detection circuit where discontinuity in a branch will result in a reportable condition
(n) The condition required for a group of edges to form a face (surface) on an object. The edges must be connected end to end, forming a continuous path around the perimeter of the face.
An op-amp configuration in which the output is connected back to the input.
A system in which each component is connected to the next component with the last component being connected to the original device. Forms a complete circle.