Definitions for "PID"
Pelvic inflammatory disease. A gynecologic condition caused by infection of a woman's reproductive organs; it may cause severe abdominal pain and sterility
Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. inflammatory disease of the pelvis, often caused by infection, which can result in adhesion (scar tissue) formation and subsequent infertility.
PELVIC INFLAMMATORY DISEASE. An infection of a woman's reproductive system. PID is usually caused when an STD (most of the time either chlamidia or gonorrhea) goes untreated. Symptoms for PID include cramping, tenderness, or pains in the pelvic area. PID can scar a woman's reproductive system. It can cause lifelong pain and even make her infertile (unable to have children).
Photoionization Detector. A field screening device used to detect possible contamination prior to laboratory analysis.
PhotoIonization Detector – An instrument that utilizes ultra-violet light energy to ionize and detect the presence of an unknown gas or vapor.
hoto onization etector. A device for measuring the concentration of total organic vapors in air via ionization with ultra violet light.
Proportional gain, integral action time and derivative action time. PID software, for example, compares an analogue input value with a set point and if there's a discrepancy outputs an appropriate analogue or digital control value, according the PID calculations.
Proportional-Integral-Derivative. An acronym that describes the compensation structure that can be used in a closed-loop system.
Proportional, Integral and Derivative (controller)
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Plug In Identification, this is normally 3 characters which represent the Plugin, for example MM5=Motherboard Monitor 5, WA2=Winamp2, MUL=Multimedia. There are also some built in options like DSP=Display, SYS=System and GPO=General purpose outputs
packet identification
Process identification. The name of a process.
Identifies the packet types within the DVB/ MPEG-2 TS, in order to assist the decoder in identifying individual programs and their associated components. It does this in conjunction with the PSI tables.
Permanent Identifying Description
Process Identifier; each process has a unique PID assigned by the operating system
Project in Difficulty. A housing provider who was not transferred to a Service Manager or another Ministry because of a breach of its operating agreement. The indicator of breach was frequently an accumulated deficit on the balance sheet, or other indication of mismanagement. PIDs are devolved after MMAH has developed a financial or other plan that successfully addresses the breach.
roportional- ntegral- eriverative - refers to a control method where the controlling signal is a function of the error, the error's history and the error's rate of change
Political Intelligence Department. Covername of PWE (WWII)
There are millions of pages of information on the web, but if you are looking for a specific item, there is only one page -- or very few -- that contains exactly the information you need. That's your PID. Think of it as a needle in a haystack.
Periodic Increment Date. The date upon which a classified staff employee is scheduled to move to a higher salary step within the range for his/her current class. The PID process is the mechanism by which these increases are formatted into payroll, personnel and position control transactions for update to the appropriate files.
Project Implementation Document. Defines what a project is for, what is expected to achieve, how it will do it and the timescale.
Project Initiation Document
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Physical interface device. A USB class that allows humans to feel force feedback from a computer.
Passenger Information Display. Shows when the next train is coming. At major railway stations.
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Printing Ink Distillate.
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Parameter ID
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Patient ID Number
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abbreviation for process abbreviation number (see process).
Process ID