Definitions for "PROCESS CONTROL"
The act of controlling a semiconductor manufacturing process within established specifications and/or acceptable deviations
Automated control of a process, such as an assembly line.
Using densitometric and colorimetric measurement data from press sheet color bars to monitor press performance throughout the press run. Data is analyzed in relation to established control limits. See Control Limits.
Overall organisation of logistics functions, ranging from provision of vehicles, dispatch, transport schedules, checks on consignments prescribed by the authorities, booking of shipments, organisation of initial and final leg of journey by road, invoicing of the overall service to the customer
The task of planning and regulating a process, with the objective of performing it in an efficient, effective and consistent manner.
The regulation or manipulation of variables influencing a process in such a way to obtain the desired quantity and quality of product in an efficient manner.
The process of planning and regulating a process with the objective of performing it effectively and efficiently.
The stability of a manufacturing process that assures the products produced sable and consistent.
Where parameters of a process are studied and correctly applied in the manufacturing process to produce high quality parts.
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Managing process to a proven standard. [D04183] CSM