Definitions for "APC"
often referred to as a "tumor suppressor gene," APC is a gene that produces a protein to help slow down the rate at which cells divide and grow.
The abbreviated name of the gene Adenomatous Polyposis Coli. It is located on chromosome 5.
Gene named adenomatous polyposis coli, located on the q21 region of chromosome 5. This gene is found to be mutated in a hereditary disease called familial adenomatous polyposis (FAP); adenomatous polyps with high malignant potential cover the mucous membrane of the colon.
rmored ersonnel arrier. APCs, usually armed with machine guns, generally transport infantry to the battle and then the troops dismount to fight on their own.
Army Personnel Centre. The administrative centre for Army personnel records.
apical pore complex. This feature is located on the epitheca of many marine, armoured (thecated) dinokont species. It includes an apical pore plate (Po), which bears an apical pore (ap), and often times, small periferal pores. In addition, there can be a ventral apical plate or canal plate (X plate). The X plate is always posterior and ventral to the Po.
Ambulatory Payment Classifications. A Medicare payment system that classifies outpatient services so Medicare can pay all hospitals the same amount.
A system by which hospital outpatient procedures are classified into groups of services that are similar clinically and require similar amounts of resources. A payment rate is established for each APC, which is paid by Medicare under the Outpatient Prospective Payment System (OPPS). Depending on the services provided, hospitals may be paid for more than one APC for an encounter. Back to the top of the page
The Ambulatory Payment Classifications organize CPT codes into groups that are assigned a fixed reimbursement amount. This effects Medicare payment in the hospital outpatient setting. The cost of devices and supplies are included in this bundled payment.
Abbreviation for American Power Conversion.
Angled Polished Connector or Angled Physical Contact Connector. A connector whose angled endface assures low-mated reflectance and low unmated reflectance.
Identical connector to FC/PC. Can be used for singlemode or for PM fiber. The end face also has a 8 degree angle polish but the plane of the polished face is perpendicular to the mechanical key on the connector.
Association for Progressive Communication
American Physique Committee, Inc. Group that administers men's amateur bodybuilding in America.
Academic Progress Committee (subcommittee of Faculty Academic Progress and Discipline Committee)
Archdiocesan Pastoral Council. The APC is a consultative body to the Archbishop which studies and makes recommendations regarding all areas of pastoral ministry; its members are priests, deacons, religious and lay persons elected by their respective groups, or appt. by the Archbishop.
American Plastics Council
antigen presenting cells. Specialized cells that "sample" the proteins in a tissue (for example by ingesting dying cells and debris), have the machinery to cut proteins into small fragments (antigens) and load them into MHC molecules, and express other molecules (co-stimulatory proteins) that are necessary for T helper cells to be activated to mount an immune response. B cells, macrophages, dendritic cells and Langerhans cells are all antigen-presenting cells.
Activated protein C
Antigen-presenting cell
Average propensity to consume
Annual Percent Change. The average annual percent change over several years. The APC is used to measure trends or the change in rates over time. For information on how this is calculated, go to Trend Algortihms in the SEER*Stat Help system. The calculation involves fitting a straight line to the natural logarithm of the data when it is displayed by calendar year
annual percent change. Annual Percent Change is used to measure trend or the change in rate over time. It is the 'average' annual rate of change over the time series selected.
a drug combination found in some over-the-counter headache remedies (Aspirin and Phenacetin and Caffeine)
Advanced Passenger Clearance
Automatic Passenger Counters
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Airlink Processing Card. Interface to the RIC for the control of RFU components and the transfer of voice I/Q samples to/from RFUs.
Automatic Pressure Controller. Connected usually to exhaust value of vacuum system before pump to control chamber pressure
Air Pollution Control
Adenoma Prevention with Celecoxib
Automatic Ply Cutting Machine Aramid An organic fiber such as Kevlar(TM) or Technora(TM)
Association of Professional Chaplains
The acronym for "advanced point count", a counting system associated with Ken Uston.
South East Asia Asiatic Petroleum Company. Otherswise known as Shell.
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All People's Congress (Sierra Leone)
The MakeLifeEasy affiliate program for customers.
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Alaska Pulp Corporation.
see Automated Postal Center.
Automated Process Control. A computer controller for gas panels used within semiconductor manufacturing.
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Coastal transport
An all-pass crossover network with a flat amplitude response.
A feature of some wireless handsets that helps reduce power consumption to increase battery charge life.
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Alternative PHP Cache
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Antenna Phase Center ƒAƒ“ƒeƒiˆÊ‘Š'†S
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Advertising Production Club
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Action for Personal Choice