Definitions for "SMA"
See Special Memorandum Account (SMA).
SPECIAL MEMORANDUM ACCOUNT. An account defined under Regulation T used to record a customer's excess margin and buying power.
Special Memorandum Account. A line of credit established when a margin account has excess equity (above FRB initial requirement). SMA may be withdrawn by the client or used to purchase additional securities.
A type of fibre optic connector, used extensively in telephone installations before the introduction of the ST-type connector. No longer popular. Originally an acronym for "Sub-Miniature Assembly".
Surface mount assembly. A connector type commonly used in the military and medical markets.
50¢¶-Subminiature coaxial connector with screw type coupling mechanism. Frequency range DC-18§×.
Supplementary motor area. corresponds to the medial part of Brodmann's area 6. It is important in the planning and initiation of movement
Spinal Muscular Atrophies
spinal muscular atrophy. A hereditary neurological disease in which only the lower motor nerve cells are affected.
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Styrene maleic anhydride
Simple Moving Average. Used in technical analysis. The simple moving average is a trend-following indicator. A moving average is created by adding and then averaging a set of data over a constant number of periods. Calculations usually look at closing prices but can also use High and Lows or a High-Low-Close combination. A bullish signal exists when prices rise above the simple moving average and the moving average turns up. A bearish signal exists when the prices fall below the simple moving average and the moving average turns down.
Standard Maintenance Allowance, subtracted from the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) in the need analysis calculation.
Simple Moving Average. The average price of a security or currency over a specified time period used to spot pricing trends by smoothing out the large fluctuations. The Simple variety assigns equal weight to each data point in the period.
Streamside management area. A designated area that consists of the stream itself and an adjacent area of varying width where management practices that might affect water quality, fish, or other aquatic resources are modified. The SMA is not an area of exclusion, but an area of closely managed activity. It is an area that acts as an effective filter and absorptive zone for sediments; maintains shade; protects aquatic and terrestrial riparian habitats; protects channels and streambanks; and promotes floodplain stability.
Spectrum Management Agency
Services Management Architecture(tm)
( hared emory rchitecture) with system memory.
shape memory alloy: a type of smart material which remembers its original shape when heated with an electric current
Shaped Memory Alloy
State Microenterprise Association. An SMI is a statewide coalition, network, or membership association of local microenterprise practitioner organizations working to advance microenterprise-friendly policies in its state and to provide opportunities for networking, training, and technical assistance to its member organizations. SMAs may work on a number of activities and strategies, including the development of statewide microenterprise intermediary.
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Security Migration Aid. A CICS-provided program for use with CICS/VSE systems, to migrate user sign-on table information.
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Metal Halide Lamps suitable for operation on CWA gear.
Society of Maritime Arbitrators. A professional, nonprofit organization whose mission is to promote sound maritime arbitration and to establish ethical standards for its members and the maritime industry.
A joint FAA and NASA project to help current airport facilities operate more efficiently.
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St. Mary's College "A"
Steel Manufacturers Association, U.S.A.
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Refers to S-band Multiple Access.