Definitions for "Pigtail"
A kind of twisted chewing tobacco.
Tobacco plug
A short length of optical fibre, permanently fixed to a component, used to couple power between the component and a transmission fibre. A fibre optic connector terminated to one end of an optical fibre cable.
Keywords:  tail, tractor, trailer, coiled, cable
The tail of a pig.
Cable used to transmit electrical power from the tractor to the trailer. So named because it is coiled like a pig's tail.
Keywords:  conductor, splice, bare, laid, twisting
The splice made by twisting together the bare ends of two conductors laid side by side. Not done in telephone today.
A flexible conductor attached to a component or device.
Keywords:  flylead, coax, flexible, piece, small
a small piece of flexible coax also known as a flylead
Keywords:  roper, steers, broken, beyond, sudden
Is the short part of a rope barrier that breaks away when the barrier is broken. Progressive- Is another term for sudden death that means, when you miss you are eliminated. Progressive after one means that from the very beginning of the roping, when you miss you are eliminated. Another example would be progressive after two, which means that a roper is guaranteed to rope two steers, however, anything beyond two steers is sudden death.
Keywords:  sludge, collector, natural
a natural collector of sludge
Keywords:  queue, cue
A cue, or queue.
Keywords:  braid, hair, face, side
a braid of hair on either side of the face