Definitions for "MIC"
The optical fiber connector that joins the fiber to the FDDI controller.
A media feature with which Sony has differentiated its Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) drive. MIC is a 16-kilobit electrically erasable programmable read-only memory (EEPROM) chip that indexes file locations, thus enabling faster access to data, and stores metadata about the media, allowing enterprises to track media life cycles in the physical cartridge. See AIT and EEPROM.
See Media Interface Connector.
Maximum Instantaneaous Charge. The Maximum Instantaneaous Charge is the amount of explosive in kilograms which is detonated at a given moment in time. Quarry blasts are usually made up of multiple holes with a delay of a few milliseconds between each one. In this way, the amount of energy entering the rock at a single moment is reduced, which lowers the vibration level.
See Maximum Instantaneaous Charge.
Maximum Instantaneous Charge. Mass of explosive detonating in some defined time period, usually 8 milliseconds. See Explosive.
Message Integrity Check (MIC, also named Michael) is a function designed to detect if someone has covertly altered data packets. The receiver and the transmitter each compute and compare the MIC. If they do not match, it is assumed that the data has been tampered with and the packet is dropped.
Message Integrity Code. A cryptographic “tag” attached to transmitted data to ensure the data's validity. The recipient of the data generates its own MIC and compares it to the one that was sent; if they're equal, the message is valid. Some MICs, such as those generated by gss_get_mic(), are visible to the application, while others, such as those generated by gss_wrap() or gss_init_sec_context(), are not.
Message Integrity Check. A technology that is employed to prevent an attacker from capturing data packets, altering them and resending them. The MIC provides a strong mathematical function in which the receiver and the transmitter each compute and then compare the MIC. If it does not match, the data is assumed to have been tampered with and the packet is dropped. (See Packet, TKIP, WPA, WPA2). close
The lowest antibiotic concentration that prevents bacterial growth.
MINIMAL INHIBITORY CONCENTRATION. Laboratory test procedure for determining the sensitivity or resistance of a bacterial isolate to several antibiotics.
Minimum Inhibitory Concentration
Meetings Industry Council
Ministry of Information and Culture
Ministry of Information and Communication. The Korean government agency responsible for promoting Koreaâ€(tm)s information technology. Visit:
Menos Intensivos en Conocimiento
Modulación por impulsos Codificados.
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Medically Intensive Children. Refer to MIC for definition. See: Family Medical Programs
Medically Intensive Children. A DDD waiver program which enables medically fragile children under age 18 to live in the community. The program allows them to obtain the medical and support services necessary for them to remain at home instead of a hospital. Eligibility is included in the OBRA program. See: Family Medical Programs
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Moveable Incore Detector
The Malta - EU Information Centre (MIC) was set up to increase awareness and education on the European Union and on the accession process. In particular, it has the task of disseminating information on the European Union in general; the ongoing accession process; the impact of EU accession and the outcome of accession negotiations.
Mallee Information Catalogue
Michigan Information Center
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Mary Immaculate College
Manufacturers' Investment Credit. The Manufacturers' Investment Credit was repealed as of January 1, 2004. Use Form 3540 to claim any remaining carryovers for this credit.
Municipal investment contracts
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Acronym for "Microvan" (e.g., Suzuki Carry).
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Mechnical Instruction Class.
MICROBIALLY INFLUENCED CORROSION. The microbially assisted establishment of an electrochemical cell, or direct microbial stimulation of the anodic or cathodic reactions. (Note: Though MIC is sometimes called Microbially Induced Corrosion, the use of the word influenced is preferred by microbiologists.)
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the current first element in a set. This is very similar to Min, but is used where the low value varies over time (such as for a heap that grows downward in memory). Like Min, this is a valid value. Since few things grow downward, this is not often used.
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mortgage insurance certificate. Evidence that FHA has agreed to insure a loan.
Mortgage Insurance Certificate. Certificate issued by HUD/FHA as evidence that a mortgage has been insured, and that a contract of mortgage insurance exists between HUD/FHA and the lender incorporating the HUD/FHA regulations identified in the certificate.
a built-in microphone is provided in many tuners for tuning of acoustic instruments. The instrument is positioned as close as possible to the microphone on the tuner while tuning.
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Common nickname for microphone
Multiple Insert changer Can change (3) difference insert sizes
Microsoft Image Composer (filename extension).
MS Image Composer File
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University of Michigan
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Machine-independent color.
This is a device that changes audio into an electric signal.
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Short for microphone.
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see micron or microphone