Definitions for "DBm"
An abbreviation used to represent power levels above or below a 1-milliwatt reference.
A measurement of power level (dB) at one milliWatt (mW). dBm = 10log(power/1mW) 1 dBm is equivalent with 1 mW.
1) Audio power expressed in decibels referenced to one milliwatt of power in a 600 ohm load.
Particulate allograft bone that has been demineralized leaving only the collagen component that is then suspended in a gel or putty.
Demineralized bone matrix. Material that enhances bone growth.
DEMINERALIZED BONE MATRIX. Is a source of BMP and is derived from pulverized bone specimens that are demineralized with an acid solution. It is used as a bone grafting material, but DMB has produced disappointing results in clinical studies, probably due to low concentrations of BMP that can also vary from batch to batch.
De Bellis Multitudinis. Wargames rules for ancient and medieval battles (3000 BC to 1500 AD). Latest version is 2.0 published in October 1997.
De Bellis Multitudinius (rules for ancient and medieval warfare) DBMM -- De Bellis Magistrorum Militum (rules for ancient and medieval warfare under development by Phil Barker to replace DBM)
Double Balanced Mixer. A frequency translation circuit which consists of four components with nonlinear impedance, typically Schottky diodes or FETs, connected in a ring quad configuration, with balun transformers at the RF and LO inputs to connect unbalanced transmission lines to the balanced quad. This mixer provides superior suppression of the LO and RF signals in the output leaving only the sum and difference frequencies.
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DataBase Machine.
Stores member usernames and passwords in a file system that works like a database. Database Management stores the authentication data as pairs of strings in a binary file. A key is used to locate each member username and password. It provides a way to use a database without having to worry about how data is stored or how to retrieve information
Dbm was the first of a family of simple database engines, originally written by Ken Thompson and released by AT&T in 1979 ATT79. The name is a three letter acronym for Database manager. It stores data by use of a single key (a primary key) in fixed-size buckets and uses hashing techniques to enable fast retrieval of the data by key.
Division of Biology and Medicine (established in early 1948 to direct and coordinate all AEC biomedical research activities; became the Biological and Environmental Research Division with the creation of ERDA in 1974)
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diamondback moth No. Number
Dense Bitumen Macadam. A continuously graded material of a relatively low binder content (100 penetration). It has less resistance to fatigue cracking than other materials.
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Acronym for the Dial Backup Module option for the Model 3611, 355 1, and 3616 DSUs. This module is a pair of childboards that attach to the DSU circuit card to provide an alternate data path via a point-to-point telephone call.
Data Base Manager, a watchstander who correlates non-real time contact locating information.
Maryland Department of Budget and Management
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See Dynamic Baseline Model