Definitions for "MOVING COIL"
Found in some record player cartridges. A series of coils move in relation to a fixed magnet to create an electrical signal that can be sent to an amplifier. The movement of the coil is relative to the movement of the stylus in the record's surface.
A type of loudspeaker construction in which a voice coil connected to a speaker cone of paper-like material, interacts within the range of a magnetic field. It is also a standard used in phonograph cartridges in which the reverse principle is applied: the stylus (needle) is directly coupled to a coil which is placed within a magnetic field. The resultant voltage generated by the coil is then fed to the preamplifier in its electronic form. Can also apply to microphone construction, and refer to what we call a dynamic microphone capsule.
Cartridges with a stylus connected to coils which move in relation to fixed magnets, creating electrical signals. Lower output than moving magnet