Definitions for "HFC"
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A type of network that contains both fiber-optic cables and copper coaxial cables. The fiber-optic cables carry TV signals from the head-end office to the neighborhood; the signals are then converted to electrical signals and then go to houses on coaxial cables.
Hybrid Fiber/koax
Hybride Fiber Coax
HFC HFC (Hydrofluorocarbons) Hydrofluorocarbons are organic compounds that contain hydrogen, carbon and fluorine. HFCs, which do not contain chlorine, do not have any potential for the destruction of ozone, but they are powerful Greenhouse Gases having very high GWPs (Global Warming Potentials). Introduced as replacements for CFCs which are being phased out under the Montreal Protocol. HFCs are included in the basket of six greenhouse gases (GHG) controlled by the Kyoto Protocol. They are powerful GHGs, with 100-year global warming potential of between 140 and 11700.
Hydro-Fluoro-Carbon (found in refrigerators and air conditioners). See Duster gas, Green gas, Top gas.
Fluorine containing hydrocarbons which have no negative impact on the ozone and are mainly used for refrigeration, air-conditioning and insulation applications; they have replaced ozone depleting chlorinated hydrocarbons
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ybrid iber/ oax
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horizontal footcandle
Healthcare Facilities Consortium
a fluorocarbon emitted as a by-product of industrial manufacturing
Headed, Flashed and Cleaned is when the ball is not put through any lapping process to make a precision tolerance. HFC balls are not hardened allowing them to be machined.
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Human food chain.
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Transport System »ìºÏÊ1/2
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Housing Finance Company
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Housing Finance Companies